Danyl Johnson leaves X-Factor + Reveals his secret battle with cancer
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X-Factor' final three announced as Danyl Johnson leaves the competition

He came so close to competing for a £1million music contract in the X Factor final, but Danyl Johnson's dreams of winning the reality show came to an end this weekend.

Viewers decided to vote the 27-year-old off the show, leaving Olly Muirs, Stacey Solomon and Joe McElderry to go head to head for the grand prize.

Upon hearing the result of the viewers' votes, Danyl's shocked mentor Simon Cowell had nothing but praise for his act saying: "There was nothing more he could have done. He's gone out on a high. He's a graceful loser."

"I have met some best friends for life," added the teacher from Reading, who was complimented by the judges for his performances of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing, and Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror.

Olly, 25, burst into tears when he was told he had a place in the final three, facing 18-year-old Joe and mum Stacey, 20, who looked shocked to have made it through.

They earned their places after each singing a Michael Jackson number and a song of their choice they felt would get them through to the next round.

While Joe is the favourite to win, Simon admitted its one of the closest semi-finals he's ever seen, saying: "I can't call it this time."

Cheryl Cole, sporting a new shorter 'do, added she was "sick with nerves", while Stacey's mentor Dannii Minogue agreed: "Everyone's nervous. We just can't hide it."

The weekend's entertainment also came courtesy of the music scene's hottest star Lady Gaga who sang her new single Bad Romance.

Notorious for her quirky attitude, the 23-year-old requested a giant bathroom, including a four-metre-long bath, to be built on stage for her appearance.

Michael's sister Janet Jackson also sang on the show – only her second performance since the passing of the 50-year-old.

X-Factor: Danyl Johnson reveals his secret battle with cancer

X Factor contestant has revealed that he survived testicular cancer as a boy.

The teacher opened up about his experience while answering questions from fans at a secret X Factor gig held at the O2 arena in last night.

Tomorrow, Danyl will compete against , and for a place in the show's final.

He said his brush with cancer had left him feeling passionate about encouraging men to get themselves checked out.

'I have had many visits to hospital,' he said last night.

'Most of the time it was to do with sports and arts injuries, but when I was 11 they found cancerous cells in my scrotum.

'It was a scary time, but I came through it. I tried to be patient and not take it out on those around me.'

He said his experience had left him with a lasting admiration for the NHS.

'I feel passionate about sexual health checks,' he said.

'The NHS provides a service to check you out, yet people don't do it. I don't understand why.

'If you ever feel there's something wrong, talk to people. It's always better to check it out. Be brave.'

The 12 X Factor contestants have raised tens of thousands for Great Ormond Street with their charity cover of 's You Are Not Alone.

He also revealed that he clashed with , who gave the contestants advice on their performances.

When asked who was his least favourite guest star he replied: 'Whitney absolutely hated me. That was the worse one.'

Danyl said Whitney seemed annoyed he had chosen to sing one of her unreleased songs, I Didn't Know My Own Strength.

Little Boots

Who were your favourite Britpop bands? Do you remember the Oasis/Blur feud?

I love them both but I love Jarvis more:

And this is my favourite Britpop song of all time:


(It won't let me embed :( )

Doctor Who
Fierce Betty
Nine, Ten or Eleven??

I personally loved Nine, David Tennant is a hottie but he just didn't do it for me on Doctor Who. I also liked Martha more than Rose so I think I'm in a very small minority.

Oh, and I loved this crazy bitch (UNF):



Fierce Betty
The only versions I'll recognise:



I was up late reading the threads on the PopJustice forums (seriously, their love for the Sugababes border on batshit) and it's crazy how many lineup changes there have been.

Do you like the Sugababes? Do you have any salacious gossip on why they keep falling apart? Is Keisha really a bitch? Why do you think Heidi has stuck around for so long?


Richard Curtis Appreciation Post
Fierce Betty

From Wikipedia:

Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis, CBE (born 8 November 1958) is a BAFTA, Primetime Emmy winning and Oscar nominated English screenwriter, music producer, actor and film director, known primarily for romantic comedy films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones's Diary, Notting Hill, The Boat That Rocked and Love Actually, as well as the hit sitcoms Blackadder, Mr. Bean and The Vicar of Dibley. He is also the founder of the British charity Comic Relief.

What's your favourite Richard Curtis film? Mine is Love Actually.

Info nabbed from jarvizcocker
Is this Jarvis's new lady?


Can't post a picture direct as I'm in work so the link will have to do for now.

On a personal note, I am really very bloody pleased that she is red-headed because a) I am also ginge and b) she looks pretty amazing and is proof that gingers can be glam and sophisticated too.

Though I am also super jealous.

Jordan and Peter Reunited?!
Fierce Betty
I think the kid just realised who her parents were
Katie Price and ex-husband Peter Andre called a truce last night as they were reunited at the hospital bedside of her son Harvey, who has suspected swine flu.
The glamour model was 'frantic' after the eight-year-old fell ill at home and had to be admitted to the East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.
She fears that severely autistic Harvey might develop complications from the illness, which is especially dangerous for children under the age of 14.

He was last night said to be 'very poorly'.

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I love these two. I hope they get back together, they're like a British version of Coco and Ice-T and they're so tacky it's fabulous.

what are your fave UK shows?



- Skins
- Shameless
- Absolutely Fabulous

British Comedians
Little Boots
Let's talk British comedians.

Who's your favourite? Who do you loathe? Who would you like to tickle your funny bone?

I will always love this mean bastard:

(Although his Twitter is as boring as fuck)

I also love these two and have a weird crush on Mitchell:

I also loved Steve Coogan during his Alan Partridge days, pre-Courtney Love and smack addiction:

Your turn

Coronation Street Appreciation
Fierce Betty

Back when I was 16 I started watching Coronation Street around the time Tracey Barlow had Steve McDonald's lovechild and Steve was about to marry Karen, and then there was the epic wedding scene where Karen threatened Tracey with her chavy red shoes and I was hooked.

So let us appreciate the epicness of Coronation Street

1) When did you start watching?
2) What was your favourite storyline?
3) Favourite character?
4) Character you wanted to kick in the face
5) Lamest storyline
6) Character you'd love to take to the Rovers for a few drinks then drag them home for a shag

And never forget goth Rosie:

P.S Don't be shy guys, post!


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