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British Comedians
Little Boots
quiteuppity wrote in ontd_uk
Let's talk British comedians.

Who's your favourite? Who do you loathe? Who would you like to tickle your funny bone?

I will always love this mean bastard:

(Although his Twitter is as boring as fuck)

I also love these two and have a weird crush on Mitchell:

I also loved Steve Coogan during his Alan Partridge days, pre-Courtney Love and smack addiction:

Your turn

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Simon Amstell, Jimmy Carr and Harry Hill if he is really considered a comedian.

I had a weird crush on Jimmy for a while but I realiaed its because I love funny. Also Simon is hilarous live and SO tiny, I saw him support Russell Brand back in er 2006 maybe before Russell got huge too as a pre-warmup to the Edinburgh Festival at the Chuckle Club in London. Best night for comedy ever....but I was too scared to talk to him

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