Come back Uncle Steve :'(
Little Boots
First thing's first....get your cats ready, we need to get St. Stephen back on Twitter.

The greatest bromance of all time.Collapse )

But seriously, I hope Stephen is okay :(

Little Boots

1. No one can utter a bad word about Corrie/Eastenders/Emmerdale/Hollyoaks.
2. I fully encourage debate on which soap is the most superior but if any of you say Hollyoaks you may get banned.
3. I encourage you, nay, command you to post stuff from the Daily Mail, the Sun, the Mirror, News of the World, Popbitch and HolyMoly. They have the best, most untruthful gossip and if you want to quote the Guardian or Independant, go to ontd_political
4. You don't have to live in the UK to join, just have an appreciation of useless British celebrities, British television, soaps and British comedians
5. Stephen Fry is our patron saint.


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