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what are your fave UK shows?
boyfever wrote in ontd_uk



- Skins
- Shameless
- Absolutely Fabulous

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Skins is amazing. It makes me wish I was interesting when I was in Year 12.

Did anyone else lol when they saw Anwar being all srs business in Slumdog Millionaire? I also loved Tony, he was a mini GQ mother fucker.

I also love

-Gavin and Stacey
-Shameless (although the first two series only)
-Black Books
-Coronation Street (although it's more a soap but whatevs)

And of course Peep Show:

I prefer the newer seasons of Shameless (though I seem to be in the minority). I wasn't huge on McAvoy and his wife

I kind of lost interest when McAvoy and his wife left. Please tell me the Dad is still around?

I started to lose interest because Veronica and Kevin left but I like it heaps more now. I have a boner for the guy in Shameless who has a twin in a soap (Coronation I believe?)

and yeah the Dad is still there

That guy is hot.

What did you think of S3 of Skins? I've come around to liking it, I love love Emily.

I never got all the Cassie love in S1 and S2 I was all about Tony and Anwar haha.

Effy was my favourite character in s1/2 so s3 is pretty much the same for me. I had problems with the character of Tony cause I saw him as the little kid from About A Boy but I liked his mindset lol and his relationship with Effy.

I wasn't huge on Cassie either. Her teeth sort of annoyed me.

Cassie was a manipulative bitch towards the end. Sid was too good for her.

I still refuse to believe Maxxie is straight IRL. He was fit as fuck.

The Young Ones
Little Britain
Ab Fab
Mr Bean
Black Books
Faulty Towers
Doctor Who
Bromwell High
My Family
Basil Brush
Girls in Love
Keeping Up Appearances
My Hero
The Mighty Boosh
Top Gear
Mock the Week
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

I would have included more kids shows but maybe that could be another post next time :)

Re: this is gonna be long

I hated Bromwell High because my name is Keshia :|

Re: this is gonna be long

awwww but she's a fierce bitch

Re: this is gonna be long

I was in high school when that bloody show came out and once one of my lecturers went "Keshia...hmmmm ever seen that Bromwell High show hur hur hur".

I read on PopBitch the other day the cast of My Family all hate each other and the person they all hate the most is Kris Marshall. WTF.

Re: this is gonna be long

well he was kinda annoying :P

But that's so sad they they all hate each other :(

Re: this is gonna be long

Yeah I get sad when I hear entire casts don't get along. Did you see that episode of Extras where the guy who plays the dad visits the sick kid in hospital?

Re: this is gonna be long

I think I might have? I can't remember. I saw the danrad one which was HILARIOUS

Re: this is gonna be long

I love how that gif still keeps popping up on ONTD

"Do you still have your catsuit?"

Oh, and I forgot to add the first two seasons of Hotel Babylon. So trashy. So good.

How could I forget


Doctor Who
After You've Gone
Keeping Up Appearances
The Young Ones
Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps

and tons more but i can't remember right now

Are those the two X Factor twins in your icon?

I feel bad about wanting to punch them in the face....but only momentarily.

they're my favourites on x factor haha
i basically hate everyone except j&e, Stacey, Joe and Jamie

Being Human
Waterloo Road (don't judge me)
X Factor

The Inbetweeners
Gavin & Stacey
Peep Show

I used like Buzzcocks but its just not the same w/out Simon :/ I think I'm more of a US TV fan because they gave me Gilmore Girls and Rescue Me and there is no UK version (thank god)

Life On Mars
Doctor Who
Mock The Week
Britain's Got Talent

and probably loads more that I can't rmemeber right now.

Ab Fab
The Royle Family
The Vicar of Dibley
Little Britain
Fawlty Tours
The Bill
The Office
Keeping Up Appearances
Dad's Army
My Family

... shall I go on?

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